Deadlines & Schedules

Day of and travel schedules will be available soon.

We are requesting the following information please at your earliest convenience:

  1. Deadline May 1st: If you haven’t already, please send me any updated pics or bios you would like to be included on our website.  

  2. Deadline June 1st: For visiting chefs, please let us know if you plan to bring anyone with you so we can make hotel arrangements. Also the dates you plan to be in Memphis would be appreciated as soon as possible.

  3. Deadline June 1st: For all chefs, we are asking for two menu items of your choice – Master Chef José Gutierrez will select one dish between the two.  

  4. Deadline June 1st: For all chefs, please let us know of any special equipment you will need at your tent during the festival (such as grills, bus tubs, fryers, speed racks, carving stations, convection ovens, etc.)

  5. Deadline October 1st : If you wish to ship your food, prep or any equipment for the Festival, we offer prepaid shipping labels provided by our sponsor, FedEx.

    If you wish to ship, please send the following information to

    Contact Name

    Cell Phone Number

    Address of Origin

    Number of Labels Needed

  6. Deadline November 1st: Reimbursement forms turned in with any receipts.

    Click here: reimbursement form

All information can be sent to: