Michael Smith

Michael Smith | Extra Virgin
Kansas City, MO

Born in South Dakota, Chef Michael Smith developed a passion for cooking at an early age and honed his skills in Nice, France and Chicago’s Charlie Trotter’s, among others, before assuming the helm of Kansas City’s revered The American Restaurant
as Executive Chef and Corporate Chef in 1994. As one of Kansas City’s James Beard Award-winning chefs and proprietor of two popular Kansas City Crossroads Arts District restaurants, which opened in 2007 at 1900 Main Street, Chef Smith is regarded for his innovation, use of artisanal products, attention to detail and inspiration gained from world travel.

Drawing on a wealth of experience, Chef Smith showcases high quality, meticulously sourced ingredients, much of it from local producers and purveyors, in the cuisine served at Michael Smith Restaurant and Extra Virgin. A culinary philanthropist, he generously gives back to the city that enthusiastically
supports locally owned restaurants.