Guy Savoy

Paris Flagship Restaurant:
Restaurant Guy Savoy

Parisian Restaurants: Les Bouquinistes, Atelier Maitre Albert, La Butte Chaillot, Le Chiberta

2nd Flagship Restaurant: Restaurant Guy Savoy, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA


Guy Savoy was born into a world where food and its evolution into cuisine mattered.  Growing up in Bourgoin-Jallieu, near the gastronomic epicenter of Lyon, France, he was surrounded by a culinary culture where seasonal food products were a part of everyday life and great food was the norm, not the exception.

“When I was a child, I immersed myself in gourmand sensations, and I have built my life as a chef upon them,” writes Guy Savoy in his second cookbook, Guy Savoy: Simple French Recipes for the Home Cook (Steward, Tabori & Chang, New York).

This attention to the “perfect” product and the terroir (land) from which it comes is the backbone of Guy Savoy’s cooking.  He takes flawless, seasonal items and enhances and embellishes with unparalleled technique and artistry.  The result: it is as if the food comes alive on the plate.

Guy Savoy’s professional journey started with the best and moved up from there. His auspicious beginning as an apprentice with the legendary Troisgros brothers set the tone for his culinary path.  He then went on to hone his skills and rise to prominence working his way through Michelin-starred restaurants including Lasserre, in Paris; The Golden Lion, near Geneva; The Oasis, on the French Riviera and in 1977 as head chef at Barriere de Clichy, in Paris.  In 1980, he opened his own restaurant, RESTAURANT GUY SAVOY, on the Rue Duret in Paris where he won his first Michelin star only one year later.

In 1987, Guy Savoy moved his restaurant to its current location, just a few steps from the Arc de Triomphe, where he quickly established himself and his restaurant as two of the world’s most valued culinary treasures.  At RESTAURANT GUY SAVOY, the dining experience is a perfectly orchestrated symphony of impeccable service, exquisite ambiance, remarkable wine cellar and incomparable cuisine.  Its coveted three Michelin stars are widely recognized as the pinnacle in culinary achievement. 

Dining at RESTAURANT GUY SAVOY in Paris has been described “a sublime experience” by International Herald Tribune restaurant critic Patricia Wells (October 6, 2000); the Herald Tribune ranked the restaurant No. 6 among the Top Tables in the world (January 17, 1994).  In addition to peak ratings in the Gault Millau, Bottin Gourmand, Pudlowski and Lebey guide books, the restaurant also has been ranked among the Top 7 in the world by The London Evening Standard, the London Independent and Le Figaro newspapers.  In addition to extensive media coverage in France and England, culinary kudos and feature stories about Guy Savoy have run in Spain, Portugal, Holland, Japan, the United States and other international outlets.

In 1997, Guy Savoy himself was honored with an entry into the prestigious Larousse Encyclopedia and in 2000, received the Legion d’Honneur, France’s highest honor.  In 2002, the same year that he received his third Michelin star, his French colleagues paid their highest tribute to Guy Savoy by naming him Chef of the Year.

Guy Savoy has four other Parisian restaurants: Les Bouquinistes, Atelier Maitre Albert, La Butte Chaillot and Le Chiberta, which earned its first Michelin star after only six months of operation.

The May 2006 launch of RESTAURANT GUY SAVOY Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, was one of the most eagerly anticipated restaurant openings in the United States.  This intimate fine-dining venue is located on the second floor of the resort’s luxury Augustus Tower, part of the Forbes 4-star Laurel Collected, and seats approximately 75 guests.  Guy Savoy and Caesars Palace hired Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the highly celebrated architect and designer responsible for the re-design of his Paris location, in order to perfectly recreate the elegant and sophisticated design elements of the original RESTAURANT GUY SAVOY.  Guy Savoy hand-selected their opening team at Caesars Palace, which includes long-time co-workers with exceptional international experience.

Guy Savoy brings a life-long passion for food and fine dining to his RESTAURANT GUY SAVOY Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

In 2015, Guy Savoy launched his second restaurant at Monnaie de Paris, the old Paris mint.