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Josh Smith

Edward’s Fine Food & Wine
Rosemary Beach, FL

Edward’s is considered an elite fine dining experience in the posh Rosemary Beach area of 30a. A block from the beach and directly across from the 5 star Pearl Hotel, Edward’s was designed as a New Orleans courtyard where you can nightly experience fine food and musical entertainment or dine in our interior dining room.
Chef Josh Smith  attended Gulf Coast State College culinary program and mentored under Jon Holley and Jon Bullard. During that time, he participated in American Culinary Federation culinary competitions and won silver medals. Josh was also awarded the Escoffier Award for Culinary Excellence.

Chef Josh Smith's roots go back to Monroe, North Carolina,  a small rural farming community outside of Charlotte. His family had an acre large garden and the entire family helped in putting food on the table.  Some of Josh's earliest memories are of assisting his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. As a teenager, the family moved to Panama City and Josh got involved in the  Pro-start Culinary Program at Bay High School, where he won a Pro-start Award  to study at Johnson and Wales in North Miami.

He became Chef of Onano Café in 2007 where he specialized in regional Italian Cuisine. In 2009, Josh joined the team at Bud and Alleys and worked under Chefs Ed Reese and David Bishop, becoming Sous Chef at Bud and Alleys Pizza Bar and later sous chef at Bud and Alleys.

As of October 2017, Josh was honored to become the chef at Edward's Fine Food and Wine. He looks forward to seeing you very soon.